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ADA, s. r. o., is an ICT consulting company operating in the market of the Czech Republic and abroad for more than 15 years.

Since it has been founded in 1992, the ADA company has focused on offering comprehensive professional services in information and communication technology (ICT) for producers, customers, and public administration, as well as for administrators of public administration information systems (PAIS). It provides its services throughout the Czech Republic and also abroad.

ADA, s. r. o. (ADA) is a certification authority seated in Brno, which is authorized by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic to perform certification proceedings in the Czech Republic according to Act No. 365/2000 Coll., on public administration information systems. The company obtained its first authorization in 2001. Since 2007, (the second authorization) it is authorized to perform the following certification proceedings:

Capacity to carry out the links between PAIS and other information systems (IS) through an IS reference interoperability framework (conforming to Decree No. 53/2007 Coll.),

PAIS long-term management (conforming to Decree No. 529/2006 Coll.).

In 2006, the ADA certification authority issued the highest amount of certificates of all certification authorities. A list of all issued certificates can be found in the “Issued certificates” (Vydané atesty) section.

Moreover, ADA supports ICT producers and PAIS administrators during their preparations for certification proceedings to ensure accuracy and completeness of PAIS documentation for their interoperability frameworks, as well as long-term security and economical efficiency during IS creation and implementation, purchase, and operation.

The “Certification processes” (Atestační postupy) section describes the procedure of certification carried out by the ADA certification authority, and also describes the preparation for these proceedings, as approved by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.

The certification team of the ADA certification authority consists of ICT specialists with university or technical educations, which have notable experience of the whole IS live-cycle. Our specialists are familiar with the needs of public administration authorities and IS purchasers, as well as IS and PAIS producers from the Czech Republic and from abroad. They specialize in agendas, projects, and processes defined by legislation and administrated by public administration authorities, on hardware and software platforms of different types including different types of software applications, including communication applications and portals. More information about the authorization can be found in the “About the certification authority” (O atestačním středisku) section.

The company’s experts and consultants provide support and assistance in preparations to PAIS administrators as well as to software and services producers in the following cases:

IS and PAIS documentation creation, which is requested for the certification of PAIS long-term management conforming to Decree No. 529/2006 Coll. (e.g. information strategy, IS operational documentation, security policy and guidelines),

Creation of secured IS reference interoperability frameworks with other PAIS, as well as creation of IS supporting materials requested for the certification of reference interoperability framework capacity to realization of links between PAIS and other IS conforming to Decree No. 53/2007 Coll.,

Entry of obligatory information about the IS into the centrally administered IS regarding PAIS according to the Act No. 365/2000 Coll. and appropriate Decrees,

Ensuring of long-term security of IS creation, implementation, purchase, and operation, as well as PAIS economical effectiveness. ADA services cover professional supervision and organization of cooperation between PAIS administrators and IS producers.

Verification of the product’s conformity with technical requirements of legislation and norms or requirements of customers is designed by product producers, which guarantee their products’ compliance with requirements or expected requirements by the Declaration of Conformity.

A list of the issued Declarations of Conformity for IS, documentation and services can be found in the “Declarations of Conformity” (Prohlášení o shodě) section.

Moreover, the experts of the ADA company, certified by the National Security Authority, provide comprehensive services focused on:

Verification of IS conformity with the current Czech legislation, the ČSN ISO/IEC norms and EU/ NATO requirements,

Timeliness, correctness, and security audit of information processed in the IS or PAIS,

IS and services quality and security audit,

Support during implementation and maintenance of process and project management with cost reduction,

Management optimization of IS life-cycle processes,

Processing of risk analysis or comprehensive processes audits (searching of risks, which management has to be familiar with and has to avoid),

Application of COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) international methodology, which is used for the managing processes (IS life-cycle processes or company top management processes) optimization. The methodology is adapted for conditions in the Czech Republic (frequent legislation, market, management or structural changes) and includes modifications made by our company,

Support during competitions and public tenders on ICT and services purchases,

Support during best-practice-principle implementation in areas of IS planning, creation, maintenance, implementation and operation, as well as IS and services documentation, including obtaining of information for marketing,

Court expert services (evaluation of IS, projects, databases, copyright breach, damages resulting from IS shortcomings).

More information about our services can be found in the “Services” (Nabídka služeb) section. Basic information about our business terms can be found in the “Business terms” (Obchodní podmínky) section. To arrange business terms, please see the contacts in the “Contacts” (Kontakty) section.

The goal of the ADA company, as well as of the ADA certification authority, is to provide professional services on the European level with knowledge of Czech conditions and the Czech environment. The prices of our services are calculated according to a current Czech price level in the sector.

The ADA company has customers in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. So far, it has provided its services to banks, trading companies, and industry as well as public administration authorities.

References can be found in the “Issued certificates” (Vydané certifikáty) section and in the “Declaration of Conformity” (Prohlášení o shodě) section. For more references, please contact our office.

We look forward to a comprehensive and long-lasting cooperation.

RNDr. Milada Ptáčková, Executive Officer

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